Start 2017 With a New Cleaning Crew!

Torino Maintenance is a cleaning company that is aiming towards greatness. A company that cares very deeply for its clients and the work and energy it puts into every project.

We specialize in providing janitorial cleaning services to banks and office buildings in the area. We pride ourselves on supplying professional cleaning services that will make you proud of your facility. Torino Maintenance is also equipped to handle specialized cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, hard floor care, and window washing. We supply and manage all can liners and rest room supplies, so you’ll never have to order or run out of supplies again, and since we are a full-service cleaning company, you won’t have to work with multiple vendors


House Cleaning

Whether it is you own home that you want cleaned, or multiple homes cleaned, we are the professionals you must go for! We make sure that every house looks brand new so that your guests feel welcomed in your home.

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Commercial Cleaning

Torino Maintenance has high standards when it comes to keeping your building clean and properly maintained. Office, Wearehouse, Floors, Carpets, you name it. We do "One Time" cleaning, as well as "Recurring"

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Studies Have Shown:

A properly maintained building is a healthy building, free from containments such as mold, bacteria, allergens and pollutants.


A healthy building with good indoor air quality reduces the number of sick days taken by employees. Employees are more productive in clean environments.


Keeping your building in top shape helps to maintain high property values because clean building lengthens the life span of the facility.

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Let's meet to talk about when we can get started! Lets keep your building/house properly cleaned and maintained today!

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Currently Taking Care of Bergen County!

We are located in Lodi, NJ. We take care of the entire Bergen County but working on expanding in months to come! Feel free to let us know where you would like us to start our next project.

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Check our our web site where you will be able to take a look at what we have done! Contact us at any time through phone or email.

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